Proud Home of Southern Storm!

     ACPA's recreational cheerleading classes emphasize training in tumbling, jumps and motions. These classes train students to be well-rounded cheerleaders, while also increasing their strength, flexibility, and agility. Recreational cheerleading classes are available for students age 5 through teen. 

    At age 5, students are eligible to try out for ACPA's all-star cheerleading squad, "Southern Storm." After selections, students are separated into different squads based on skill level and age. 

    Southern Storm competes at various competitions throughout the southeast. Past competitions include Deep South Cheer CompetitionVictory Cheer Competition and UCA’s Gulf Coast Championship. Routines consist of jumps, tumbling, motions, cheer, dance, and stunting.

 Proud Home of Bulldog Rec. Cheer!

 ACPA is pleased to release our newest program- Bulldog Rec. Cheer, which focuses on cheerleading fundamentals for athletes age 7-14 in preparation of high school and college cheer!  Bulldog Rec. Cheer offers shorter seasons, less associated costs, and expert training in traditional cheerleading technique (jumps, motions, voice and cheers, tumbling, signs, etc) with the opportunity to compete and perform at a few events each year! This is the perfect way for athletes to prepare for junior high, high school, college and all-star cheerleading!  Contact Chase Brett for more info at!